Our Team

Dogs and Puppies, Everywhere!

There's a reason that we focused on dog-themed checks; our team is absolutely obsessed with their delightful pets!


Thomas Buck

Founder & CEO

Tom made friends with his first dog at the age of five, and it was love at first sight! Though dogs have come - and very sadly gone - throughout Tom's live, he's been on a mission to remind people about how lovely dogs are, whether in person with his two hounds, or designing the classiest items - such as personal checks - featuring his favourite doggies on them.

When Tom's not obsessing over his new black labrador, he can be found hard at work at Moo Unlimited, his development consultancy, and side project Sobriety Hackers.


Our Humble Shop

But goodness, there are some allegedly premium designs out there that do a big disservice to dogs through how ugly the checks are! At Dog-Checks.com, we're trying to fix that, making it quick and easy to find gorgeous, classy and inspirational designs for your dog-themed checks.